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Client Reviews Of Nesbitt Coulter LLP

Nesbitt Coulter LLP is a full-service law firm catering to the legal needs of clients in Woodstock, Ingersoll, and other communities of Southwestern Ontario. For over a century, we have been fighting for the rights of the injured and helping them recover the compensation they deserve. Our lawyers provide our clients with informed advice, personal attention, and professional preparation for court. Read what our clients have to say about our lawyers and us. Contact our personal injury team for a free consultation.

“The team was great and was always there for me. I sometimes had problems talking and they took the time to understand me. They listened to me and my feelings."
- Client from Woodstock
Understanding and Compassionate Team
“I really felt that I was treated as an individual. My phone calls were returned personally by a lawyer who was handling the case. I felt there was a real personal touch.”
“They were really good about answering questions, no matter how simple they may seem. They were also realistic about expectations, and knowledgeable about insurance issues and insurance companies.”
- Client from Burgessville, Ontario
Knowledgeable and with a Personal Touch
“They took my case right to the heart. I was never wondering what was happening. I always had up-to-the-minute information.”
“They did an exceptional job with preparation meetings before court. As a police officer, I see court cases all the time where the defendant hasn’t prepared properly and has this look of bewilderment. With Nesbitt Coulter, I knew what to expect."
- Client from Cambridge, Ontario
Exceptional Job in Preparation
“Rick made dealing with our son’s accident and his injuries so much easier. He helped us access the care and rehabilitation he needed and in the end, we are confident that his needs will be taken care of both with any care he may need and financially.”
“This firm and all the staff we worked with were professional and courteous to us throughout our whole experience.”
- Client from Woodstock, Ontario
We Were Taken Care Of
“Rick Shaheen works for the benefit of his client. He studies his opponent and does his homework before a trial. His strategy is amazing.”
“My case went all the way to the Superior Court. It was a 13-day trial, we challenged the best of the best from Bay Street in Toronto, and we totally crushed them. We were a great team.”
- Client from Woodstock, Ontario
They Really Work for Your Benefit
“I suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident that significantly changed my life and prevented me from following my chosen career on a full-time basis. I wish to express my appreciation for the advice, direction and all the hard work the Nesbitt Coulter team did in handling my case. They gave me confidence and support when I needed both.”
- Client from Mississauga, Ontario
Gave Me the Confidence and Support I Needed
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