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Serving Clients Since The Early 1900ₛ

Over the last century, Nesbitt Coulter LLP’s history is filled with dedicated professionals who apply the same principles of commitment to clients’ interests and a high regard for personal relationships. In fact, this simple focus is the secret to our enduring success; we have succeeded through the years because our clients have.

We have been operating as a respected Southwestern Ontario law firm composed of lawyers and staff committed to developing strong relationships and achieving client satisfaction.

Commitment to Excellence

Since the early 1900s, Nesbitt Coulter LLP has been providing a wide range of legal services to both individuals and businesses. We believe that yesterday’s heritage is today’s hallmark; our determination is to put clients’ needs first. Combining this client-centered focus with an ambitious dedication to our practice areas, the result is the type of service that has guided our firm for over a century.
Nesbitt Coulter LLP has built a strong reputation as a progressive firm that uses its extensive experience to achieve exceptional results in a timely and cost-effective manner. We proudly serve our clients throughout Southwestern Ontario from our offices in Woodstock and Ingersoll. Contact us today.

Our History

Looking back at our history, we are proud of what we have achieved for our clients and what our team has achieved in the community at large. Our predecessors include members of Parliament, Crown Attorneys, and Judges who have made an impact on Canadian society. Today our lawyers continue the tradition set by our predecessors to devote themselves not only to the highest standards of legal practice, but also to many community organizations and professional associations. The story of our firm is best told in the voices of the people we serve. From a humble beginning in the early 1900s to a cutting-edge law firm in two locations today, our story continues to be woven from the rich thread of client satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

At Nesbitt Coulter LLP, we put our clients’ needs first and pursue excellence in our areas of legal expertise. In our full-service law firm’s century-long history, we’ve never lost focus of the fact that personal injury law, municipal law, business development and other laws are designed to help people solve their issues.

A Personalized Approach to Your Case

A common complaint about some personal injury law firms is that the problem takes the place of the individual. They become a case number instead of a client and their personal needs fade into the background. At Nesbitt Coulter LLP, we put our clients first, collectively focus on his or her needs, and use our rich understanding of personal injury law to facilitate the desired outcome.
With our hands-on experience and approach, we can surprise you with the difference. Our clients develop a close rapport with each member of our team, from our law clerks to our lawyers. Our experience has proved that the personal relationship between a client and his or her legal team is the key to success.
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